Juan Alderete Launches New Pedals and Effects Resource

Juan Alderete

Mars Volta/Big Sir bassist Juan Alderete has launched PedalsAndEffects.com, a new website with which the bassist hopes to spread his knowledge of using effects. Alderete, whose genre-bending career spans over two decades, is known for making some of the most incredible sounds with his extensive pedal collection.

“Because of my 25+ year obsession for pedals/stompboxes/effects, I wanted to share my experience and knowledge in how I construct sounds and music utilizing these devices,” he explains. “I have spent many hours crafting sonic ideas and it’s with these concepts, I feel can inspire my fellow musicians to stretch their musicality and originality and help them create sounds that define them.”

To introduce the site, Alderete posted a quick taste of bass goodness to come:

Effects are more than just fun and games to the bassist – they’re inspiration. “Though some musicians believe that it’s all been done before, I say sonic crafting is limitless,” Alderete states. “Pedals and effects have inspired me to be more innovative with sounds that lifted my instrument into the future unknown.”

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  1. He looks like a little kid in that first picture. All his toys all over the floor.

  2. But can you play clean…