Nick Latham: Hammerhead

Nick Latham, who goes by “BedroomBassist” on Youtube, has released his debut EP Can’t Sleep In Silence. Nick recorded a live playalong of his tune “Hammerhead” to introduce it.

Nick is playing a Sandberg MarloweDK Signature Bass that he won – with a similar video of this song – from a video contest.

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  1. I really like that! Excellent playing! Is the bass passive?

  2. I just bought the EP. Gotta support a low end brother.

  3. the nerd kicks back! nice :-)

  4. Fun! And remember folks, you saw him here first!

  5. Is this Stu Hamm’s son?

  6. EP bought! 5$ is awesome value. It’ll fit well in my Wooten and friends playlist ;).

  7. BRAVO… He nailed it! How old is Nick? The bass looked older than him.