3Leaf Audio Unveils Wonderlove Envelope Filter

3Leaf Audio Wonderlove Envelope Filter3Leaf Audio has refreshed their product line with the introduction of the Wonderlove Envelope Filter, which takes place of the company’s flagship GR2. The new stompbox benefits from four years of tweaking the original design and offers the same basic filter sound of its predecessor while making it “deeper and juicier.”

Powered by a 9V DC adapter, the Wonderlove has Sensitivity, Attack, Decay, Tone, Blend, Resonance, and Boost controls for dialing in your sound while also including more general switches for Range (high/low), Sweep (normal/reverse), and Band (lowpass/bandpass). Other features include an expression pedal input, an effects loop, a soft-touch relay bypass, and a selectable true/buffered bypass that’s accessible via an internal switch.

The Wonderlove is also visually striking with a Fromel-etched finish with a blue-purple fade. 3Leaf points out that as the etching process is random by nature, each pedal’s case is unique.

The 3Leaf Audio Wonderlove Envelope Filter will be shipping at the end of the month and is available for preorder at $269. For more info, check out the 3Leaf Audio website.

3Leaf Audio Wonderlove Envelope Filter Demo:

3Leaf Audio Wonderlove Envelope Filter Specs:

  • Sensitivity, attack, decay, tone, blend, resonance and boost controls
  • Range (high/low), sweep (normal/reverse) and band (lowpass/bandpass) switches
  • Expression pedal input
  • Effects loop
  • Selectable true/buffered bypass via internal switch
  • Soft-touch relay bypass
  • Fromel-etched finish

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  1. Sounds AMAZING on Chameleon!