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Pedals & Effects

3Leaf Audio Reintroduces the Octabvre Mini Octave Pedal

3Leaf Audio has reintroduced their popular octave pedal line with a new run of the Octabvre Mini. The pedal is a modified and miniaturized version of the original created with and for bassist Tim Lefebvre.

Pedals & Effects

3Leaf Audio Unveils the Chromatron Pedal

3Leaf Audio has expanded their pedal lineup with the Chromatron, a state variable filter that is the result of “10 years tweaking, refining, and reimagining.” “It is an optically-controlled analog filter that can switch between envelope control and manual control via expression pedal with the push of a button,” the company explains. “The envelope detector is an original design, producing...

Pedals & Effects

3Leaf Audio Unveils Limited Edition Gulf Livery Proton Envelope Filter Pedal

3Leaf Audio has announced the custom color for the August run of their Proton envelope filter. Limited to 100 units, the pedal will come in a striking Gulf livery. 3Leaf calls the Proton a “modern homage to the classic sounds of Stevie Wonder, Jerry Garcia, Bootsy Collins and many more.” It has gain, peak, decay, and tone knobs for dialing...

Pedals & Effects

3Leaf Audio Introduces Octabvre Mini Octave Pedal

3Leaf Audio has introduced the Octabvre Mini, a compact version of the octave pedal developed with Tedeschi Trucks Band bassist Timothy Lefebvre. The new pedal pares the controls down to Volume, Mix, and Tone knobs. “It starts with the popular Tim-tuning mod from the original and takes it further with a reworked tone knob that runs the gamut from classic...

Pedals & Effects

3Leaf Audio Revamps Proton and Wonderlove Envelope Filters

3Leaf Audio has revamped their Proton and Wonderlove envelope filters, saying the new versions “take the sound made famous by Stevie Wonder and push it to new heights.” Each effect retains its unique voicing with some added features for more flexibility. The Proton now has a Tone knob for fine tuning the filter cutoff frequency. 3Leaf also increased its sensitivity...

Pedals & Effects

3Leaf Audio Announces Little Black Box EQ Pedal

Seattle-based effects company 3Leaf Audio has unveiled their latest offering called the Little Black Box. The pedal is an EQ/clean boost circuit that builder Spencer Doren says is designed to “add sizzle to your tone”. The Little Black Box’s EQ section has bass and treble boost controls with a mini-switch to toggle the affected treble frequency. The switch has two...

Pedals & Effects

3Leaf Audio Announces You’re Doom Fuzz Pedal

3Leaf Audio has introduced a new fuzz box called You’re Doom, which the company says is suited for all instruments. The pedal responds to playing dynamics to create vintage synth-inspired sounds. You’re Doom has a Shape switch to toggle between a lead sound and a broad mid scoop, while further tonal shaping can be done with the Tone knob which...

Pedals & Effects

3Leaf Audio Introduces The Enabler Preamp Pedal

3Leaf Audio’s newest pedal, The Enabler, offers a dynamic bass preamp which combines an EQ, a D.I. and a headphone amp in pedal form. The pedal, which was over a year in the works, also has an aux in with level control. The EQ section of The Enabler includes Bass, Mid, and Treble knobs as well as deep switch and...

Pedals & Effects

3Leaf Audio Unveils Wonderlove Envelope Filter

3Leaf Audio has refreshed their product line with the introduction of the Wonderlove Envelope Filter, which takes place of the company’s flagship GR2. The new stompbox benefits from four years of tweaking the original design and offers the same basic filter sound of its predecessor while making it “deeper and juicier.” Powered by a 9V DC adapter, the Wonderlove has...

Bass Gear

3Leaf Audio Releases PWNZOR Optical Compressor Pedal

3Leaf Audio has released the PWNZOR Optical Compressor, a new high-fidelity design that also nods to classic compressors with a Vintage switch. The pedal’s internal charge pump circuitry turns power from a standard 9-volt supply into 18-volts to provide more clean headroom. 3Leaf also included their new relay bypass system for clickless switching, which automatically switches to bypass mode if...