Fuzzrocious Launches the Croak Double Filter Fuzz Pedal

Fuzzrocious Pedals Croak Double Filter Fuzz PedalAfter teasing the pedal at NAMM in January, Fuzzrocious Pedals has launched their latest pedal called Croak. The unit is an expressive double filter fuzz, which the company explains as having “two filters pushed by a fuzz that opens up to more control via an expression pedal jack.”

Croak’s first filter is bypassable and sweeps from “a gulpy, swallowed up sound to a fly buzzing in your brain grind.” The second filter is an envelope filter. Other controls include a Pre knob, which sets the amount of fuzz pushing the filters, and an output volume knob.

Fuzzrocious adds extra fun with an expression pedal input to control the Pre pot and a momentary footswitch. “When the left MOMENTARY FOOTSWITCH is fully depressed and held down, the frequency range of the envelope filter (F2) immediately changes,” they write. “Think of a wah going from toe-down to heel-up via a footswitch.”

Get the full scoop from Fuzzrocious founder Ryan Ratajski in this bass demo:

The Croak has a street price of $189. Several color variations are available from Fuzzrocious dealers.

Fuzzrocious Pedals Croak Double Filter Fuzz Pedal Features:

Double Filter Fuzz
Pre (Fuzz) Control
Filter 1 has On/Off Switch
Volume Control
Momentary Footswitch
Expression Pedal Input

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