Bass of the Week: Surine Basses Regency 8-String “Rainbow”

Surine Basses decided to go all out on their Regency model with this “Rainbow” 8-string bass. The hollow-body bass has a stunning 32-strip laminate top and matching headstock with a variety of exotic woods.

Surine Regency 8-string Rainbow Bass

Equally impressive is the 7-piece thru neck made of rock maple and purple heart, which is topped by an ebony fingerboard. And if that’s not enough, the fingerboard has intricate mother of pearl inlays with a larger lion inlay at the 12th fret.

The pickup and electronics are made by Bartolini, and the bass’s gold hardware includes a Hipshot detuner on both E strings.

For more, check out the Surine Basses website.

Surine Regency 8 string “Rainbow” Photo Gallery:

Surine Regency 8 string “Rainbow” Specs:

  • Hollow Body
  • 32-piece laminate top
  • Neck-thru construction
  • 7-piece rock maple/purple heart neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Mother of Pearl inlays
  • Bartolini pickup
  • Bartolini electronics
  • Gold hardware
  • Hipshot detuner on both courses of E-strings

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  1. Doesn’t Les Claypool play one like this?

  2. Les Claypool plays a six string fretless rainbow bass made by Carl Thompson. It’s a very cool bass also.

  3. Wow. That’s a hell of a lot of… glue…

    • Never thought of it like that until now. That is definitely a TON of glue. But worth it.

    • I’ve always wondered if these type of basses don’t start falling to pieces… I know they’re extremely well crafted and glued, but you never know…!

  4. Oh yes its a nice bass ever….

  5. Take My Money! Take It!

  6. Ok, usually I whine about expensive basses, and most are glorified p basses, but then something like this comes along and kicks my ass! I am jaded after 35 years of playing and haven’t had that old familiar disease, ‘gottahavitosis’, where I am now scheming on what to sell, trade, barter, whatever to get one of these! A little too colorful for my taste, but that can be changed! Damn I knew I shouldn’t have looked on the website…