Nathan Navarro: One Handed Bass Solo

Nathan Navarro had a dream that he lost one of his arms, which inspired him to write this solo bass piece. The ethereal piece is a little dream-like itself and features some real right hand dexterity to execute the complicated tapping.

For more on Nathan, check out his New School interview.

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  1. Nathan, that was really impressive. Just listening to this was cool enough, but then realizing you’re pulling it off with one hand… excellent. I recently came up with something similar but it really seems much less… lesser so to speak. :) But all kidding aside, very cool!

  2. Just one word: AMAZING.

  3. This is inspiring!
    There is a one-handed Chapman Stick player, you can check his posts if you search on the stickist dot com forums.


  5. amazing……..u are very cool…..

  6. Bravo Nathan, complimenti! ;-)

  7. Very nice indeed! A challenge (maybe) for you…. Have you thought about doing this with only the left hand?