Nordstrand Pickups Introduces NP4V Vintage P Pickup

Nordstrand Pickups NP4V Vintage P PickupNordstand Pickups has expanded their NP4 line with the NP4V, a P-style pickup designed to deliver old school tone. The new pickup is “made to exacting early 60’s specs”, including its vintage correct size traditional Alnico V magnets.

The NP4V acts as a direct replacement and fits into nearly all P-style basses. Its split coil hum-canceling configuration offers noise-free operation, while the simulated hand wound pattern offers sweeter highs.

The Nordstand Pickups NP4V is available now for $145. For more details, check out the Nordstrand website.

Nordstand Pickups NP4V Features:

  • Vintage correct magnet size
  • Traditional Alnico V magnets
  • Direct replacement pickup size
  • Split coil hum-cancelling configuration for noise-free operation
  • Simulated hand wound pattern offers sweeter highs

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