PocketLabworks Releases PocketHz Tuning and Song Training App

PocketHzPocketLabworks has launched the PocketHz for iOS, an app that brings together a tuner and a song trainer.

The tuner utilizes the company’s WarpSpeed pitch detection technology, which engineer Kevin Robertson explains warps the frequencies for even measurement across all octaves. It covers 8-octaves to reach down to a low B-string, high C-string and beyond.

The song training half of the app lets users manipulate songs from their iTunes library to practice. Controls include Mix, Pitch, Speed, and Looping to focus on a certain spot in a tune.

The PocketLabworks PocketHz is available now as a free download for a limited time. For more info, check out the PocketHz page on the App Store.

PocketLabworks PocketHz Tuning and Song Training App Features:

Pocketlabworks PocketHz SongTrainer screen

  • 8-octave Tuner
  • Song Trainer with Mix, Loop, Pitch, and Speed Functions
  • For Use With Bass, Guitar, Violin, Cello, or any string, reed, or pipe instrument.
  • Native screen support for: iPad (all generations), iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch 4th generation

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  1. once again people who don’t use Apple products get hosed!

  2. what about Windows phones? Audio on my phone is great.

  3. I use the (free) Gallien Krueger app with my iRig. Also by PocketLabworks, this also has has the tuning facility and the trainer. Great apps.

  4. Centro, is that available for Windows phones, or another just for Apple?

    I’ve had nothing but problems from Apple and their people. That’s why I refuse to give them my business.

  5. Well Alexander, that’s certainly one opinion. I’ve compared my Nokia Lumina 900 Windows phone to Apple’s iPhone, and discussed the two who know more than I.

    Word I’m hearing is they’re comparable (some even say the Lumina is better. Right-handed musicians outnumber left-handed ones considerably. Yet manufacturers make left-handed models because they recognize there are left-handed musicians out there.

    How is this so different in your smug point of view?