Reader Spotlight: Rodrigo de Haro

Rodrigo de Haro

Meet bassist Rodrigo de Haro who makes his living playing the bass and teaching bass. Sounds like the perfect life to us. Rodrigo is our bass player in the spotlight for the week of July 17, 2012. (You could be next!)


I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I began studing bass at the age of 14. After finishing school, I was sure I wanted to become a professional musician, so I started studying at the best music school I knew of in that moment, Escuela de música popular de avellaneda. It was there I was able to study with several excellent teachers, and I learned a lot about jazz, tango and folk music. I also met many of the musicians I’m playing with today while attending the school.

When I started playing a 6-string bass, I took private lessons with two of my favorite bass players here in Argentina, Marcelo Torres and Cesar Franov, both 6-string players as well. I mixed the knowledge they gave me with my own views on music and bass.

I’ve been recording and gigging professionally since I left school, in almost every kind of music, as well as working as a musical producer on a few occasions.

I am now a full time musician, always playing, learning and enjoying this beautiful language!


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Day gig:

I work as a professional musician and also I give bass lessons.

Years experience:

About 14 years

Bands & Gigs:

I am playing with a lot of bands: rock/pop, jazz and argentinian folk.


  • Ibanez SR 1006 Prestige
  • Ibanez Ergodyne EDC 700
  • Yamaha RBX 800 AF (fretless bass)
  • Washburn XB 126
  • SWR Headlite (400w bass amp head)
  • Hartke 2×10 LX
  • Hartke 1×15 LX
  • DBX 163X, Compressor/Limiter
  • Tech 21 Sans Amps Bass Driver Deluxe, Preamp
  • Roland GP 100, Preamp/Processor
  • Digitech BP 200, Processor

Why I play the bass:

The first time I took an electric guitar in my hands, I thought “I need to play this thing”. But as I thought about it more, I realized there were already a lot of guitarists, so I decided to learn something different. I had no clue as to what sort of universe I was entering!

My bass superpower/claim to fame

By reasons I don’t know (could be budget) I usually played in bands with few members… duets, trios. I was always trying to “fill holes”. So over the years, I’ve developed a way of playing bass where I can cover different roles in music: rhythmic, harmonic, and/or melodic.

My influences

Almost all of the music I’ve heard since I was a child has had an influence on me. Specifics: great rock/pop bands like Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Bjork, RHCP, Michael Jackson and Motown music. I’ve also been greatly inspired by all the big jazz improvisers: Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Jaco Pastorius… just to name a few. Also, a lot of Argentinian musicians have made an impact on me: L. A. Spinetta, C. García. I’ve learned a lot from the incredibly talented bass players in my country: P. Aznar, J. Malosetti, M. Torres, G. Vadalá.

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  1. A great bass player,,, and a very very good teacher.