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Luminlay Introduces Vintage Series Fluorescent Position Markers

Luminlay Vintage Blue Series Fluorescent Position MarkersLuminlay has introduced the Vintage Series of their luminescent position markers. Designed for on top of the fingerboard, the new inlays have a subtler color tone similar to maple and blend in better with vintage-style fingerboards, rather than most fluorescent materials that have a greenish tint. The inlays take place of your existing markers, and when activated, the dots shine green or blue for better visibility in the dark.

As with the rest of Luminlay’s products, the dot inlays are made of a highly luminous material that is charged in seconds by an LED flashlight. The glowing inlays act as an alternative to LED lights installed in the fingerboard, which would require a battery.

Luminlay’s Vintage Series Position Markers come in several diameters. Each set of 12 pieces goes for around $35. For more info, check out the Luminlay website.

Luminlay Vintage Series Fluorescent Position Markers:

  • Vintage Blue or Vintage Green Colors
  • Creme/Beige Color When Not Activated To Blend with Fingerboard
  • Charged by LED
  • No Batteries Required
  • Set of 12 Pieces

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