Jaco Pastorius Big Band: “Domingo”, Live with Damian Erskine

A couple of months ago we featured bassist (and No Treble contributor) Damian Erskine, performing “Invitation” live with the Jaco Pastorius Big Band in Japan. There’s so much that’s great about these performances, including the fact that Damian shared the stage with his uncle, and long-time Jaco collaborator, drummer Peter Erskine.

Here’s a fan shot video of the group performing one of Jaco’s great early tunes, “Domingo”, written while he toured with Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders.

“Uncle Peter on the drums.” Ha.

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  1. I dance funny….

  2. It would be nice if people here in the states had ears as big as those in Japan. We don’t get shows like this here in Texas. This is great!

  3. effin’ killier!