Victor Wooten: “The Lesson”, Live

EMG has shared an excellent video by the one and only Victor Wooten, performing his tune, “The Lesson” live in studio.

The tune was written as a companion for his book, The Music Lesson, and appeared on the soundtrack released last year.

Is there anything Victor can’t do?

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  1. man… he’s got some parts in there that sound like tap dancing… and in a way it is :-)

  2. Wow. Love the little “uh” at 4:57!

  3. Truly inspiring. As always. Just like the book.

  4. Is there anything Victor can’t do? If there is we haven’t discovered it yet.

  5. Heh. He does on a four string what other people can’t do on a 12 string. Whomever said Victor isn’t the best bassist in the world is either dumb or not a bassist.

  6. My favorite bass song ever! played by my favorite bass player!

  7. I hear some faint traces of the song Zyriab (Paco de Lucia & Chick Corea) on this piece. He was definitely inspired by flamenco on this one.

  8. Simply amazing… I can never get tired of listening to Victor’s playing, he’s the best…

  9. My boy and I got to see and meet him at a small club in Oakland CA, “Yoshi’s”. He is just as nice a person as he is a great artist!

  10. there is something Vic can’t do: make lousy music.

  11. so much for a five string….

  12. Victor, you are truly an inspiration. Thanks to you I have such a different approach to my playing. Seeing your videos just makes me want to go out and learn more and more about this great instrument. I noticed one of the comments below stating you do more on 4 strings than many players can do on 12, though very true, I respectfully disagree. I don’t think you even need 4 strings to runs circles around many players :)

  13. “Is there anything Victor can’t do?” Grow hair on his crown. Other than that no. He is a bass god.

  14. Victor is sporting the “Tom Hanks from Castaway” look in this one.

  15. Aw man. I love my 5 string but everytime I watch Vic….I feel this void in my life not having a 4 string lol.

  16. I often wonder if Vic wakes up some mornings with a dreadlock on his pillow and says to himself, “Damn! I lost another one!”