Reader Spotlight: Adam Stevens

Adam StevensMeet Adam Stevens, a bass player living in Toronto who has been raised right – as a bassist with parents who helped develop and broaden his love for music. Adam is our player in the spotlight for the week of August 21, 2012.


I grew up in a small town north of Toronto, surrounded by music my whole life. My father is a musician, and my grandparents were musicians. In high school I began learning how to play bass by listening to bands like Blink-182, Green Day, etc. and started my own punk/rock bands. One thing lead to another, and I found myself playing in jazz/concert bands and began to develop a real passion for bass/music in general. As a teenager, my parents took me to see artists such as Pat Metheny, Dave Brubeck, and Return To Forever – and everything took off from there.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Day gig:

This fall, I’m about to enter my fourth (and last) year pursuing a Bachelor of Music degree at Humber College, one of Canada’s best music schools. On the side, I teach privately, perform/record around the city and work as a cook at a local restaurant.

Years experience:

Seven years.

Bands & Gigs:

I am currently freelancing with a number of jazz groups, rock bands, Top 40/Cover bands and currently putting together a soul/R’n’B group, “Citizens Vibe” – as a creative outlet for my writing and arranging.


  • Keith Roscoe LG-3000
  • Fender Jazz Bass (U.S. made) ’75 reissue with Sadowsky preamp
  • Korean Made Carved Upright Bass (Xue Chang Sun)
  • TC Electronic RH-450 (2×10 TC cabinet)
  • Presonus Firestudio PROJECT
  • Tech 21 VT Bass Sans Amp
  • T-Rex Sweeper
  • MXR Bass Envelope Filter
  • EHX MicroPog
  • Digitech JamMan Loop Station

Why I play the bass:

I always knew music was going to be central in my life – my father was a musician, my grandparents were musicians, and my great-grandparents were also musicians. My older brother had a Fender Squire P-Bass around the house, and so I had a lot of fun learning Mark Hoppus bass lines and rocking out to Blink-182 albums. But, I would say the real decision was made after hearing cats like Jaco Pastorius, Victor Wooten and Stanley Clarke for the first time.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I’m balanced and eclectic in both my skills and interests. I’m sort of a musical jack-of-all-trades, with the ability to record, produce, compose, perform, teach – and everything in between.

My influences

In no particular order: Victor Wooten, Anthony Wellington, Andrew Gouche, Pino Palladino, Dywane “Mononeon” Thomas Jr., Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Pat Metheny, Stevie Wonder, Larry Graham, Sly Stone, MarloweDK and many others.

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