Sonuus Set to Ship Wahoo Dual Analog Filter Pedal

Sonuus Wahoo Dual Analog Filter PedalSonuus is now accepting pre-orders for The Wahoo, a dual analog filter stomp box. The pedal, which was introduced at Winter NAMM 2012, allows for each filter to be configured as low-pass or band-pass and independently in wah, envelope, LFO, and pitch-tracking modes.

Among the pedal’s innovations is a pedal sensor that the company says gives extreme precision and won’t wear out or get scratchy like typical potentiometers. It also has a newly designed silent-switching true-bypass circuit that reduces noise when switching.

Though the Wahoo’s signal path is fully analog for warmth, it’s controlled digitally for adaptability and is stocked with 100 presets with room for another 100 user presets. Furthermore, the Wahoo has USB connectivity and comes with desktop editing software for deeper preset manipulation. A MIDI output lets users drive software instruments and effects with the expression pedal.

The Sonuus Wahoo is available in limited quantities for presale with larger batch due in about a month. Presale pricing is £200 in Europe and $299 in the U.S. via Sonuus distributor Peterson Tuners. Regular pricing is expected to be around £250 (Europe) and $349 (US). For more info, check out the Sonuus website.

Sonuus Wahoo Bass Demo:

Sonuus Wahoo Analog Wah/Filter Pedal Specs:

  • Power supply: 9V DC, 4x AA batteries, USB (500mA)
  • Size: 171mm x 192mm x 73mm
  • Input (Instrument): 6.35mm (1/4?) mono jack | 900 kOhm impedance
  • Switching: Transparent-True-Bypass
  • Mixer: Filter drive, filter 1/2 mix, wet/dry, output level
  • Computer: Standard Type B USB socket
  • Drivers: Class-compliant (built into operation system)
  • Presets: 100 factory, 100 user
  • Num Filters: 2
  • Cutoff Range: 10Hz – 4000Hz
  • Resonance (Q): 0 (subtle) to 100 (self-oscillating)
  • Filter Type: Band-pass, low-pass (24dB/octave)
  • Filter Modes: Pedal, LFO, envelope, pitch-bend, pitch-track
  • LFO Types: Sine, square, triangle, saw-up, saw-down, trapezoid, random
  • Computer (Audio/MIDI): Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above/ Apple OSX 10.3.9 and above
  • Computer (Desktop Editor): Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above/ Apple OSX 10.5 and above

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