Seamoon FX Resurrects the Seamoon Funk Machine Pedal

Seamoon FX Seamoon Funk Machine PedalThe vintage Seamoon Funk Machine has been reborn through a new company called Seamoon FX founded by session ace Neil Jason. The new pedal was the passion project for Jason, who used the original on many records.

“The original Funk Machine was a vital component of my tone for years. I needed something more compact and durable for the studio and the road,” he explains. That led to him teaming up with designer/builder Ben Fulton to recreate the effect.

The new Funk Machine is an all-analog envelope filter with a sub harmonic. It builds on the vintage unit’s Frequency and Depth controls by adding blend and volume controls. A trim pot on the inside allows you to set the sensitivity.

Hear Jason talk you through the whole pedal and demo different sounds:

The Seamoon FX Seamoon Funk Machine will be available soon with a street price of $199.

Seamoon FX Seamoon Funk Machine Pedal Features:

All Analog Design
Blend Control
Frequency Control
Depth Control
Onboard preamp w/toggle switch
Made in America

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  1. Arnold

    I need to get one of these pedals! And what’s the jazz that he’s playing? He has a golden touch

  2. Smeg

    Playing and tone are both great. I know it won’t sound as good under my fingers but I need one anyway

  3. Joe

    Couple of tech questions: power source? True bypass? Sounds great!!