Kauer Guitars Introduces Daylighter Bass

Kauer Guitars Daylighter Bass body

California-based Kauer Guitars has introduced the Daylighter Bass, modeled after their popular series of guitars by the same name. With several feature options, the company says the bass can cover ground from “classic Motown vibe straight through the most aggressive modern bass tones.”

The Daylighter’s body is made of Spanish Cedar and is available in a plethora of color options. The 6-bolt hardrock maple neck is topped with a wenge fretboard with wenge binding and mother of pearl dot inlays in an offset pattern. Kauer offers the bass with 30, 32, or 34-inch scales.

Pickups on the bass are also up for debate, though a P/J set comes standard. Hardware on the bass includes a Tonepros Wraparound bridge and Sperzel SoundLoc tuners.

Handbuilt in California, the Kauer Guitars Daylighter Bass is available for $2,400. For more info, visit the Kauer website.

Kauer Guitars Daylighter Bass Photo Gallery:

Kauer Guitars Daylighter Bass Specs:

  • Body: Spanish Cedar
  • Neck: Hardrock Maple
  • Fretboard: Wenge w/ Wenge Binding
  • Hardware: TonePros Wraparound
  • Tuners: Sperzel SoundLoc
  • Scale: 30?, 32? or 34? scale
  • Strings: 4 (5 or 6 optional)
  • Inlay Options: Mother of Pearl 5mm Offset Pattern
  • Control Layout: Volume, Blender, Tone (Other passive or active options available)
  • Pickup Options: P/J combo (other options available)

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  1. Cool looking bass, but $2400? Is it really worth $500 more than a Rickenbacker, or top shelf Music Man? I would guess no.

    • No way to tell with out takin’ her for a spin.

    • Chaz is right. No way to tell without some hands on. This bass is nothing like a Music Man or a Ric, though. Try getting the Brand X Custom Shop to build you a Jag with a P/J configuration, a cedar body and a wenge board. I wonder what that would cost……..

    • You guys are absolutely right, and I do love the look of this bass. I would, however prefer chrome knobs over the plastic ones. You gotta at least give me that one! :)

    • I like this one a lot too. The P/J configuration is a favorite of mine in passive basses. I was on the Kauer site looking around and it seem the options for this thing are almost endless as far as pickup configurations and electronics. The coolest thing, IMO, is that you can get them in 30′, 32′, or 34′ scale. Hmm…….. I’ve always wanted a 32′ scale bass. I bet they’d put some chrome knobs on it too……. :-)

    • Totally with ya on that point brother.

  2. Great look and desireble features but I agree..Over priced $.

    • That color pretty much sucks too… looks like a 60’s bathroom.

    • Maybe retro was what they were going for..If it delivers the goods i could deal with the color..I understand they have many to choose from

    • If it were FREE I could definately love the paint. But not what I would have picked. I’d like to see it in a silver sparkle finish, if you want to look really retro.

    • Their website has a guitar builder that lets you see what different options look like. Unfortunately they don’t have the bass template up yet, but you can get pretty crazy with checking out color options.