The Funky Knuckles: Barbosa

Steven Smith sent in this video of The Funky Knuckles playing their tune “Barbosa” while opening for Snarky Puppy at Matt Garrison’s Shapeshifter Lab in New York City.

Starting with a bass solo from Wes Stephenson, the group launches into an awesome funk-fusion jam that’ll leave you bobbing your head. Stephenson sets up a bouncy groove while keeping it tight with drummer Cedric Moore.

If this doesn’t get you moving, check your pulse.

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  1. any else notice that he played skate U by snaky puppy in his bass solo.

  2. light a match somebody. too funky! go, wes, go! I can smell that funk through the internet ;-).

  3. I saw them last night when they opened up for Snarky Puppy. All I have to say about both bands is… :O

  4. I can’t get tired of watching this video! wes is so much in the pocket with that funky bass! and I love caleb’s funky frown as he rolls across the keyboard. I make the same face while watching this. can’t help it! in yo face funk!

  5. Never knew Kevin Durant played the keys…