Aquarium Rescue Unit with Oteil Burbridge: Search Yourself

We’ve been really stoked about interviewing Oteil Burbridge, so I’ve been watching tons of videos of him.

Check out this one of him playing “Search Yourself” with the Aquarium Rescue Unit, live at the Jacksonville Jazzfest.

Burbridge really brings the band together and gets some time to shine by vocalizing his solo spots.

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  1. Anyone know what kind of bass that is?

  2. Spencer – You can tell by the f-hole that’s in it – this is the Modulus Quantum-6 Otiel Burbridge signature model. Normal Q6’s are solid bodies – these are semi-hollow, and I think the electronics are tweaked a bit, although I can’t remember that part for sure.

  3. Jim Ramsey

    I had the good fortune of seeing Oteil with Frogwings at Lupos in Providence RI early 90’s I believe…….Jimmy and a young Derek Trucks were the guitarist,Butch on drums, Kofi on keys and John Popper,(Blues Traveler……. : ) very cool..