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Höfner Celebrates 125th Anniversary With Commemorative Book

Höfner Guitars & Violins 125th Anniversary – A CelebrationThis month marks Höfner’s 125th anniversary, and part of the celebration includes a new hardback book that documents the company’s time in the business. Founded by luthier Karl Höfner in 1887, the company makes violins and guitars, but is renowned for their violin bass as made famous by the Beatles’ Paul McCartney.

The 328-page book offers over 400 images and illustrations from Höfner’s past including advertisements of yesteryear. Its focus, however, is on the evolution of the company rather than technical details.

“Not a technical history or year by year account of the venerable company,” Höfner explains, “it is instead a light hearted look at those crazy Germans tucked away down there in Bavaria as they make violins, guitars and Beatle basses but also manage to fit in the occasional party or fire drill! This is life as it really happened in the wonderful, cluttered and happy workshops at Höfner over the years.”

Höfner Guitars & Violins 125th Anniversary – A Celebration is available for £29.99 (approx. $48.62 USD). For more, check out the Höfner website.

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