Mission Engineering Introduces Expressionator Pedal

Mission Engineering Expressionator PedalMission Engineering has announced the availability of the Expressionator, a multi-expression controller originally designed in part by extended range bassist Jean Baudin.

The new pedal allows for users to connect one expression pedal to control three expression enabled effects, each of which can be controlled individually or simultaneously. Its three outputs are toggled via the stomp switch and have separate LEDs to indicate active channels. A strip of LEDs also indicates your expression pedal’s position.

Beyond simple expression control, the Expressionator boasts five programmable taper options: Linear, Reverse Linear, Linear Log, Sawtooth, and Square. The range of each effect can be adjusted as well.

The Mission Engineering Expressionator is available now for $198. For more info, check out the Mission Engineering website.

Mission Engineering Expressionator Features:

  • Three stomp switch selectable expression outputs
  • Five programmable taper options
  • Three color LED channel selection indication
  • LED pedal position indicator
  • Internal memory to save presets

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  1. handy… but not worth $198. If you didn’t want to have them simultaneously you may as well find a three way line switcher.