Aguilar Introduces AG 4P/J-HC Hum-Canceling Pickup Set

Aguilar AG 4P/J-HC Hum-Canceling Pickup SetAguilar has followed up their hum-canceling J-pickups with the AG 4P/J-HC Precision/Jazz Bass Pickup Set, which combines their 4P-60 and 4J-HC pickups. Wound in Aguilar’s New York City factory, the set is a direct replacement for 4-string Fender P-Bass and Jazz bridge pickups.

The company describes the set as “well-balanced with a flexible array of tones.” As with the 4J-HC set, the new pickups use 42 gauge Formvar wire and Alnico V magnets. They will be available December 1st with a U.S. street price of $185. For more info, check out the Aguilar website.

Aguilar AG 4P/J-HC Pickups Features:

  • Wound in Aguilar’s NYC Factory
  • Wire: Formvar, 42 gauge
  • Magnets: Alnico V
  • Cable: Single conductor, cloth-covered

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