Aguilar Amplification Unveils Limited Edition Colors for Fall 2023

Aguilar Amplification Fall 2023 Limited Edition Colors

Aguilar Amplification has a tradition of releasing limited edition colors each year, and they’ve just unveiled their latest creation. Rather than a single product, though, they’ve added several color options to much of their lineup.

“These limited offerings are meticulously crafted to offer both an unparalleled sonic experience and a visually striking aesthetic,” Aguilar states. “Bassists can now choose from a palette of standout colors, ensuring their setup looks as good as it sounds.”

The SL series cabinets, including the SL112, SL210, SL115, and SL410x, are available now in Winter White, Tuxedo Black, Blue Bronco, and Racing Green, while the Tone Hammer 500 and 700 will come in Winter White, Blue Bronco, Racing Green, and Glory Gold. Finally, the AG700 is being offered in Blue Bronco and Firehouse Red.

“For years, we teased a red AG amplifier – and we finally did it!” They add. “The limited-edition Firehouse Red AG 700 boasts a rich red sparkle gloss finish that looks great atop either the Tuxedo Black or Winter White cabinets.”

The specs and prices of the amps and cabinets are still retained. For full details, check out the Aguilar website.

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