Bass of the Week: Ibanez BTB776PB

This week we look at the Ibanez BTB776PB, a six-string bass featuring a hot poplar burl top. Ibanez created the BTB line to create a boutique feel by implementing the same concepts without the boutique price. The line, including the BTB776PB, features a 35? scale, select body materials, neck-thru construction, and deep cutaways.

Ibanez BTB776PB

The BTB is built around a 5-piece maple and bubinga neck with a mohagany body and a rosewood fretboard. Its top wood is accented with a matching poplar burl topped headstock and Cosmo Black hardware. The pickups are a pair of Bartolini MK-2 humbuckers designed by Bill Bartolini for Ibanez and are matched with a Bartolini 3-band EQ.

For more info, check out the Ibanez website.

Ibanez BTB776PB Bass Photo Gallery:

Ibanez BTB776PB Bass Specs:

  • Scale: 35?
  • Neck Material: 5 piece Maple/ Bubinga
  • Neck Type: BTB6 thru-neck
  • Body: Mahogany body/ Poplar Burl top
  • Frets: Medium frets
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Inlay: Abalone dot inlay
  • Bridge: Mono-Rail II bridge
  • NeckPU: Bartolini MK2-6-F
  • BridgePU: Bartolini MK2-6-R
  • EQ: Bartolini MK-2 (BTB)
  • HW Color: Cosmo Black
  • Finishes: Amber

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  1. This is my favorite bass, I love it, it plays so well and the neck does not feel like a baseball bat. Sounds very nice. I have put this up against custom shop stuff, and this beats everything else I have played so far.

  2. I love Ibanez guitars and basses, but I Just don’t like this one. The neck is too thin for me and the edge of the fret board feels too sharp. It’s much harder for me to play than my Yamaha RBX 6JM. But then again this is the first of the nicer Ibanez that I haven’t liked.

  3. This is my main bass right now, and I think it’s great. Even tone across the board, and it’s pretty easy to play. I like the scale and the pickups sound great. Hard to miss with this one.

  4. Love my BTB675M! Very similar to the 775/6…killer basses at an insane price for the quality!