Status Graphite Announces Chris Wolstenholme Signature Bass

Status Graphite has introduced the Chris Wolstenholme Signature Bass, which the company says retains most of the classic Status design with a few features tailored to the Muse bassist’s tastes.

Status Graphite Chris Wolstenholme Signature Bass

The bass is built around an alder body with a graphite shell on the front and back faces, which is matched with a woven graphite through-neck topped with a phenolic fingerboard. It’s fitted with a pair of Status soap-bar pickups and a custom EQ. As per Wolstenholmes’ playing style, the pickup placement varies from the standard models. The bridge pickup is 20mm away from the bridge while the neck pickup is moved 10mm towards the fingerboard. The resulting configuration makes right hand technique more flexible and warm up the tone.

The EQ controls include master volume, blend, treble, bass, and two knobs for the midrange: one for boosting and cutting and another for adjusting the midrange frequency. The midrange can be preset, and there’s also an switch to bypass it.

Other features include front LEDs on the fretboard, black hardware, and a mono-rail bridge.

The Status Graphite Christ Wolstenholme Signature Bass is available in 4- or 5-string versions with prices starting at approximately $3,189 USD (£1995.83). For more info, check out the Status Graphite website.

Status Graphite Christ Wolstenholme Signature Bass Specs:

  • Construction: Neck-through
  • Neck: Graphite
  • Body: Alder with woven graphite shell
  • Fingerboard: Phenolic
  • Frets: 24
  • Pickups: Dual Status Soap Bar Pickups
  • Electronics: Custom 18-volt EQ with bass, treble, and adjustable midrange controls
  • Hardware: Black (Gold and Chrome Available)
  • Left-handed option (no additional cost)
  • Side jack socket

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  1. Envie de l’essayer…

  2. Take all of my possessions.

  3. I had the opportunity of playing Chris’s White-LED Signature Bass (Stealth finish) [ ] through his Drones Arena Tour rig at Madrid’s Barclaycard Center in May 2016.
    I’ve always played bolt-on basses (Jazzes and Rickenbackers) and avoided through-necks because of their lack of attack.
    I was blown away by the Status: whether it was the 18v active circuit or the combination of wood and graphite the notes just spanked out of the bass. It was as solid as a rock, played like butter and the LEDs added a welcome visual reference point (I only use maple necks just so I can see where I am on dark stages).
    If you wanted to take over the World, this is the bass to do it with.
    An absolute beast of a bass. I’ve never played a better one.