Primus: Too Many Puppies, Live

Can you ever get enough Primus?

I think not.

Here’s a clip of Les Claypool and the boys playing “Too Many Puppies” from their 1990 debut Fizzle Fry.

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  1. always great to see and hear….

  2. PRIMUS is one of my favorite bands Ive seen them 4 times! 2 times in PORTLAND ME.2 times in LEWISTON ME.When you guys come to MAINE Ill be there again!(PRIMUS SUCKS).

  3. Yup. Still sucks. Keep on suckin.

  4. I have seen Primus a total of 11 times, and Les solo six times. My god… I loves me some Les Claypool. VIDEOPLASTY FOR THE EFFING WIN!

  5. First time I saw them they warmed up for Jane’s Addiction Nothing Shocking tour…. I was blown away. Les is the man.

  6. I saw them open up for the Chili Peppers at the Berkeley Square in 1985!

  7. Gene

    This video is the reason I started playing bass.