Rinat Ibragimov: Vanhal Double Bass Concerto in D Major

Here’s a great video of Rinat Ibragimov playing Vanhal’s Concerto for Double Bass. Ibragimov, who is principal bassist for the London Symphony Orchestra, tackles the piece with incredible finesse and agility.

The video description shares the background for this piece:

“This popular piece of double bass repertoire is commonly called for in auditions, and here Rinat demonstrates its performance using the original bass part and the Viennese Tuning that would have been in vogue at the time of its composition.”

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  1. Beautiful, expressive playing by Rinat. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. It was like watching a Master playing the world’s biggest cello!

    • It said in the accompanying info “This popular piece of double bass repertoire is commonly called for in auditions” and I wonder has any Bassist gotten through this piece and then was told “Thanks, but don’t quit your day job”?!

  3. Maureen Redmond

    Please, Rinat, come over here to Ireland and build a wall for me, whilst I serenade you on my 1926 Double Bass.
    Thank you for the music and for your genius. I also started off on the violoncello.
    I’m not joking – he (the double bass) is called Alfie Bow.
    Maureen Redmond, L.R.A.M., London; B.A. (Arts and Humanities), Dublin.
    You’re playing at the moment, accompanied by Catherine Edwards.