Daring Audio Introduces Laser Cannon HD Bass Distortion Pedal

Daring Audio Laser Cannon HD Bass Distortion PedalDaring Audio has upgraded their Laser Cannon with an HD version of the bass distortion pedal, which builds on the model’s functionality. New features include a state variable filter that allows low-pass, high-pass, and band-pass before and after the distortion circuit, two filters for separate pre and post gain filtering, expansion of the gain control, and a boost switch with controllable circuit placement. The boost has its own level knob and can be placed to give a clean boost, distorted boost, or blended boost.

Controls on the Laser Cannon HD include an Output knob, a Blend knob for mixing clean and distorted signals, pre and post EQ knobs, and a Drive control for setting the amount of distortion. The all-analog pedal can switch between three different diodes – silicon, germanium, and FET – to achieve different shades of distortion.

The Daring Audio Laser Cannon HD is built in California and will be available in black and aluminum. It’s expected to be released in March with a street price of $249. For more info, check out the Daring Audio website.

Daring Audio Laser Cannon HD Specs:

  • All-Analog Distortion Pedal
  • Made in California
  • Silicon, Germanium, and FET Diodes
  • Output, Blend, Post EQ, Pre EQ, Drive Controls
  • State Variable Filter
  • Dual Filters for Pre and Post Gain Filtering
  • Boost with Controllable Circuit Placement and Separate Level Control
  • Black, Aluminum Finishes

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