Tone Electronix Announces the Animalizzer Pedal

Tone Electronix Animalizzer PedalPortugal’s Tone Electronix has added a new pedal to their lineup with the Animalizzer. The unit, which they say works well on bass and guitar, is a versatile overdrive, distortion, and fuzz.

The pedal has volume and fuzz knobs in addition to a three-band EQ. Three additional knobs and a three-way toggle switch let you set the Animalizzer’s voice from mild overdrive to “scorching fuzz.” Those knobs include a pregain knob for adjusting the input level before going into the stages, a depth knob for controlling the amount of low frequency passed, and a “Stage II” knob for selecting the clipping option.

“Stage I is a toggle switch with 3 clipping options. Either the signal is clipped using Si (symmetrical silicon diodes), LED diodes, or the natural transistor clipping – “OPEN” option,” Tone Electronix writes. “The differences between these options are more noticeable when both the Pregain and Fuzz controls are above 75%. Using “LED” or “OPEN” you will get an increased bass response and headroom. It’s great to try these settings with bass guitar.”

The Tone Electronix Animalizzer is available direct for approximately $267.

Tone Electronix Animalizzer Pedal Features:

Pregain knob controls the input signal before going into the stages
Depth knob is the first tone-shaping process, controlling how much low frequency is allowed to pass
2 clipping stages immediately after the BOOST stage and before the EQ stage
Stage I is a toggle switch with 3 clipping options: Si, LED and Open
Stage II is a rotary switch with 4 clipping options: Si, Ge, LED and Open
Equalization – treble, mid and bass -- will shape the final frequency response

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