Peavey Unveils Michael Anthony Signature VB-MA Bass Amp

Peavey Unveils Michael Anthony Signature VB-MA Bass Amp

Peavey is upping their heavy duty amp offerings with the Michael Anthony Signature VB-MA bass amplifier, which the company unveiled at NAMM this year. The former Van Halen/current Chickenfoot bassist’s new rig came about after road-testing Peavey’s VB-3 and offering personal suggestions to the design.

The VB-MA is a 300-watt all-tube head that weighs in at 38 pounds. Similar to its inspiration, the amp sports a dual channel system with separate clean and overdrive channels with separate EQs and Master Volume controls. Though they can be played independently, Anthony added a Blend knob for extra tonal flexibility. Its preamp is stocked with four 12AX7 tubes and two 12AT7 tubes, while the power amp contains a matched octet of EL34s.

The EQ sections include a vintage 3-band active/mid-cut EQ that has a mid control with four selectable midrange frequencies: 200Hz, 450Hz, 600Hz, and 800Hz. Its matched with a second 9-band graphic equalizer with each slider providing 15dB of cut or boost. Further tone tweaking controls include Resonance and Presence knobs as well as Bright and Low Cut switches.

The output of the VB-MA has a three way impedance selector to match up to most bass enclosures. A matching 8×10 cabinet will be available. The VB-MA also has a buffered tuner send and a master effects loop, and the package is spiced up with a red backlit panel and Anthony’s chili pepper logo.

Pricing and availability is still TBA, according to Peavey. For more info, check out the Peavey website.

Peavey Michael Anthony Signature VB-MA Bass Amp Specs:

Peavey Unveils Michael Anthony Signature VB-MA Bass Amp stack

  • Eight EL-34, Four 12AX7 and two 12AT7 tubes
  • Universal power supply for worldwide compatibility
  • Overdrive with blend control for blending in the overdrive with the clean channel with EQ control
  • Striking red backlit panel with Michael Anthony’s chili pepper logo
  • Volume/Overdrive
  • Low/Mid/Shift/High
  • Bright switch
  • Low cut switch
  • Tube compressor with Level control
  • Master 9-band graphic EQ with defeat switch and LED
  • Master volume
  • Master Resonance and Presence controls
  • Single input
  • 15 dB Pad switch
  • Mute switch with flashing blue LED
  • Power and Standby switches
  • Back-lit faceplate for Pilot
  • Buffered tuner send
  • Master effects loop
  • 300 Watts

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  1. I have always like the Peavey sound but, when push comes to shove, always end up buying something from Ampeg. Hey, No Treble, how about listing the country of manufacture for your amp and cab reviews in the future? Let’s see which manufacturers haven’t yet sold out to the Communists. And yes, I know, my newest Ampeg was made in China – so I call it chop-stick.