Joshua Young: Bruno Mars “Locked Out of Heaven” Bass Cover and Improv

We first featured Joshua Young almost four years ago and said to watch out for him in the future.

Well, the future is now.

This is Joshua – six years older than the previous video – displaying blazing chops and improvising over Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven”

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  1. killer runs, and a great tune to improv around. Bruno Mars, is of the few guys out there live who is killin it with a band, and just a DJ or backing track.

  2. Amazing stuff! Just one thing: if the first time you featured him was “almost four years ago” how is he “six years older than the previous video”?

  3. Thanks for sharing. The versatility of the bass, the talent of its players and the creativity of those who “see” something others don’t see NEVER ceases to amaze me :-)

  4. Fantastic! And you can do it without a 5 or 6! Scales, scales, scales!