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Reader Spotlight: Patrick Edwards

Patrick EdwardsMeet bassist Patrick Edwards, a bassist who has played “FOR-EV-ER”, teaches metal (and other) riffs to little kids, and said some pretty nice things about us (that’s not why we picked him, but it didn’t hurt.)

Sounds like Patrick is living the dream. That plus his great storytelling made him an easy pick for our reader spotlight this week.


Hi. I am Patrick Edwards and I am a No Trebleoholic! It’s been one day since I visit the website. I love this website I often dream about doing a No Treble podcast.

I am a husband, dad and musician.

I love music but the great Herbie Hancock said music is what we do, not who we are.

I grew up in Columbus, Ohio. My father was a police officer and mother was a school principal. I have a lovely wife, Kasey, who puts up with my love of music and bass players normal people never heard of. I have two boys, Alix and Andrew, who will think it is super cool that their names are on a website. They are 10 and 12, so I don’t think I am cool to them anymore.

I love music, bass and learning something new everyday. I love No Treble!


Richmond Indiana USA…..USA…..USA….USA!

Day gig:

Bass Player for Ohio the Giant. I also teach Green Day and Metallica riffs to little kids.

Years experience:


Bands & Gigs:

Ohio The Giant: we are a party band from Columbus, Ohio. As a three-piece, I play most of the solos and there is plenty of room to throw in my Jaco Pastorius or Damian Erskine wannabe riffs. We have played on many concert cruises including 311 Cruise, Vh1 Cruise, Rombello and The Rock Boat! And Yes I met PNUT, and he is super cool, humble and awesome!


  • American Jazz Bass Deluxe 5 String
  • Aguilar Tone Hammer 500
  • Aguilar DB 112 NT
  • TC Electronic Flashback Delay (Janek’s Sausage and Beer Toneprint)
  • TC Electronic Polytune
  • Dunlop Bass Wah
  • MXR Bass Octave Deluxe
  • Ibanez Bass Synth

Why I play the bass:

Anything my older brother did, I had to do, and do it better. So when he started playing the bass, it was just another opportunity to prove this to him and myself. He then made me join his band because he thought he didn’t look cool playing the bass and singing. He was right. He didn’t look cool.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I can play almost every song with just my left hand. I am a mix between Flavor Flav and that bass player playing way too many notes. So half hype man, half bassist. I can also call a mean game of Bingo!

My influences

Jaco Pastorius, Damian Erskine, Janek Gwizdala, Felix Pastorius, PNUT, Les Claypool, Andy Woodson, Jeff Ciampa, Tony Grey, Josh Young and all the new bass players I discover on No Treble!

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