SmartMusic: A Look at the New Music Education App

SmartMusic App IconSmartMusic’s website is already a fantastic resource for students and educators, and they’ve recently started to expand their software to the iPad.

If you already have a Smartmusic account, you can use that login to gain instant access to the full library available to you as if you were operating through the web portal. Future updates promise additional abilities like the ability to submit and receive assignments.

For now, the app is still a fantastic way to practice reading and developing pieces.

The library contains over 22,000 pieces for solo instruments and ensembles, and 50 method books.

The app allows you to record and listen to your performance, and get a score based on your performance. It even highlights any mistakes you made along the way.

I found the app to be well written and quite functional. There were occasional hiccups during the recording of my performances, but I was very impressed with its scoring, and I appreciated the ability to quickly change instruments from within the score and read a bass clef part.

SmartMusic app screen example

All in all – and especially for free – I think this would be very useful even if you don’t have a Smartmusic account, as it comes pre-loaded with quite a few scores. If you already have a Smartmusic account and utilize the service then you should be downloading this ASAP, as it will only enhance and mobilize your experience.

The SmartMusic app is available from the App Store. The app is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 6.0 or later.

SmartMusic iPad App Features:

  • Music onscreen
  • Ability to save and compare takes
  • Record and listen to your performance
  • Select start and stop measures
  • Adjust tempo
  • Supports woodwinds, brass, percussion, string, and voice
  • Shows your successes and areas for improvement (red/green notes)
  • Access to the SmartMusic content library (with subscription)

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