Mike Mills: No R.E.M. Reunion

R.E.M.Fans of the defunct alternative rock band R.E.M. shouldn’t hold their breath for a reunion. Though the group decided to “call it a day as a band” on good terms, bassist Mike Mills recently told Rolling Stone that the chances of them getting back together is likely not in the cards.

“We said we’re done and we’re done,” he said. “If we honestly thought there was a chance of a reunion tour, we might have said so at the time. The idea of breaking up and not reforming for a reunion tour is kind of attractive to us. I doubt you’ll see us touring as R.E.M. again.”

R.E.M. released their final studio album, Collapse Into Now, in 2011 just seven months before they split. Currently the trio is working with their record company to re-release 1988’s Green album.

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  1. Not too disappointed about this. While growing up on their music, and really digging their 80’s work, it became really obvious to me these guys get high on the smell of their own farts (especially Stipe and the guitarist).