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  • R.E.M. Releases “Automatic For The People” 25th Anniversary Reissue

    R.E.M. Releases “Automatic For The People” 25th Anniversary Reissue

    It’s been 25 years since R.E.M.’s iconic album Automatic For The People and Concord’s Craft Recordings is celebrating with a deluxe reissue. Available in three versions, the remastered album includes their hits “Nightswimming,” “Man on the Moon” and “Everybody Hurts.” While it’s a hugely important record to so many people, the band members didn’t necessarily... »

  • R.E.M. Releases MTV Unplugged Complete Sessions

    R.E.M. Releases MTV Unplugged Complete Sessions

    R.E.M. was the only band to ever headline MTV’s acoustic “Unplugged” series twice, and now both those performances — from 1991 and 2001 – are available in a . The 1991 performances features the entire original band — vocalist Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry, while the 2001 performance... »

  • Mike Mills: No R.E.M. Reunion

    Mike Mills: No R.E.M. Reunion

    Fans of the defunct alternative rock band R.E.M. shouldn’t hold their breath for a reunion. Though the group decided to “call it a day as a band” on good terms, bassist Mike Mills recently told Rolling Stone that the chances of them getting back together is likely not in the cards. “We said we’re done... »

  • R.E.M. Announce Split

    R.E.M. Announce Split

    Thirty-one years and fifteen albums after forming in Athens, Georgia, the rock icons of R.E.M. are calling it quits. The trio, whose latest album Collapse Into Now came out earlier this year, broke the news in a statement on their website explaining that they “walk away with a great sense of gratitude, of finality, and... »

  • Mike Mills Talks On Upcoming R.E.M. Album

    Mike Mills Talks On Upcoming R.E.M. Album

    In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Mike Mills revealed new details about R.E.M.’s upcoming album, Collapse Into Now. The bassist explains the new project sounds reminiscent of the group’s 1992 release, Automatic for the People. ”The songs go from one type into another really easily and it all seems to fit as a piece,”... »

  • R.E.M. Finish Work on New Album

    R.E.M. Finish Work on New Album

    Bassist Mike Mills and R.E.M. have announced that they have completed work on a new album, which will be due out sometime spring 2011. This will be the group’s 15th studio album, following 2008’s Acceleration. Though the group has been keeping the new album’s sound secret, they revealed in an online post that their recording... »

  • Mike Mills to Play Alex Chilton Memorial Concert

    R.E.M. bassist Mike Mills will be among those playing a memorial concert to pay tribute to Alex Chilton, who passed away earlier this year. Mills cites Chilton, who sang for the influential 70’s band The Box Tops and Big Star, as a main influence. Chilton died of a heart attack, just before he was heading... »

  • Mike Mills performs on Jill Hennessy’s debut album

    Jill Hennessy will release her highly anticipated debut album, Ghost In My Head, on June 16th, 2009. Among the numerous guest musicians that perform with Jill is R.E.M. bassist, Mike Mills. Track list: 1. 10,000 Miles 2. 4 Small Hands 3. Ghost In My Head 4. Oh Mother 5. Erin 6. Save Me 7. Falling... »