Goby Labs Introduces “Thingy” Series Accessories

Goby Labs ThingyAccessories company Goby Labs has introduced the Thingy Series, consisting of the Goby Labs Guitar-hook Thingy and the Stand-top Thingy for iPad. The whimsically-named gadgets attach to microphone stands to provide simple, portable solutions for gigging musicians

The Guitar-hook Thingy is an instrument hanger which attaches to a tripod microphone stand with a patent-pending grip that forms a closed loop around the pole. It relies on the strength and leverage of the microphone stand to provide support while minimizing the amount of stage space needed to switch instruments.

The Stand-top Thingy for iPad holds an iPad atop a microphone stand. Fitting both US and European-style stands, it utilizes a thumb-release ball joint for adjusting the angle of the iPad. It also accommodates 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation iPad tablets.

The Goby Labs Guitar-hook Thingy and Stand-top Thingy for iPad are available now with MSRPs of $23.95. For more info, check out the Goby Labs website.

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