Höfner Violin Bass History Detailed in New Book

Höfner – The Complete Violin Bass StoryHöfner’s iconic Violin Bass is getting a thorough examination in the new book Höfner – The Complete Violin Bass Story, written by Höfner aficionado Steve Russell and the company’s own Nick Wass. The 320-page book chronicles the bass’s history from its inception to the present using photos and information from Höfner Company Archives as well as the expertise of Gerhilde Höfner, who contributes the Foreward.

First created in 1955, the Höfner Violin Bass Guitar (aka the “500/1” model) became synonymous with The Beatles after Paul McCartney used one on the Ed Sullivan show. The bass has since seen many incarnations between re-issues, special editions, and the Contemporary and Ignition models. Höfner – The Complete Violin Bass Story also covers information on how to date a violin bass, serial numbers, body dates, pickup information, and more.

[Editor’s note: A few days ago, we featured one of these iconic basses, thanks to reader Adrian Elton.]

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  1. great book sadly I don’t get a look in but my hofner bass is featured..[selmer presentation bass]with gold parts if you love the hofner bass.
    you will like this book.well done to all conserned.

  2. Where I can found my brave face..