Reader Spotlight: Gabe Bernard

Gabe BernardMeet Gabe Bernard, a bassist and student who has one of the coolest dads around.

We really enjoyed Gabe’s story, and so he was an easy choice for this week’s reader in the spotlight. Plus, he put Joe Dart down as one of his influences. Awesome.


My dad decided that the moment he left college he would start a band and devote his life to music. He bought a Pedulla MVP and an Ampeg 8×10. When my older brother was on his way, Dad had to ditch the high end gear and trade them in for a Kingstone starter bass and a Quest Headless. These were the two basses I learned on at the age of 10. Later that year, he gave me the quest and this last X-mas I got a used Spector Legend 4. I play in my school band, and I’m in a band with some friends.


Sudbury, MA, USA

Day gig:


Years experience:

Just under 6 years

Bands & Gigs:

I play in a band called Cellar Door. We play all covers, and have only played a few shows, and hopefully we will start recording some originals soon. We have been writing classic/jam band music (my specialty) I also used to play in a more credible band called Pacifist at War, who are currently signed (we had a dumb argument right after the signing).


  • Spector Legend 4
  • Fretless Squire Vintage Modified Jazz Bass (I removed the frets myself)
  • Ampeg BA-115

Why I play the bass:

My best friend in the world played drums, and wanted to start a band. At first I was going to learn guitar, but I figured (even at 10) that it would be harder to find a bassist. I’ve been practicing almost every day since.

My bass superpower/claim to fame

I’m able in willing to play any type of music, with any sort of band, regardless of how much I dislike the music.

My influences

Mike Gordon, Jaco Pastorius, Chris Squier, Matt Garrison, Michael League, Joe Dart.

More on the web:

Non of my current projects currently have websites, but Pacifists at War could certainly use some likes on Facebook.

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  1. Chris Squire*

    Sorry, had to point it out, but c’mon, he’s in my profile picture.

  2. it’s very remarkable that you can play any kind of music, including that you don’t like… wish the best for you dude!

  3. At first, I thought one of his influences was Joe Dirt… which would have been awesome too haha.