KNOWER with Tim Lefebvre: Daft Punk “Get Lucky” Cover

Interestingly, this cover covers both the electronic era of Daft Punk and the current era which features more live instruments.

For the “live instruments” part, KNOWER has teamed up with the ever-funky Tim Lefebvre on the bass.

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  1. everyone needs to know who KNOWER is…wow.

  2. Yessir that is correct

  3. good lord that is amazing. really funky bass and excellent use (abuse?) of Launchpad. Much better than the original. A total indictment of the music biz when groups like this and Dirty Loops have to take it to youtube to get recognized and Ke$ha gets a record deal.

  4. I hope they put this track out. NEED

  5. I saw this video couple of days ago and thought… what a groove the bassist holds (really really saucy), when I saw this in No treble I wasn’t even surprised.
    I always thought that P-bass wouldn’t fit fast and funky licks… totally been proved wrong by now…

  6. It’s things like this that make me miss psychedelic drugs.

  7. Well the one on the radio has James Genus playing on it…Just commenting on your text of live vs electronic. Both have great bass players :-) Love them both!

  8. Rob Martinez

    very cool….Lefebvre is the man…love his playing all around,whoever he plays with.This guy is just a great player

  9. kenny

    I love that Precision