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Song Exclusive: The Aristocrats’ “Culture Clash” Preview Video

The AristocratsThe Aristocrats – the power trio featuring bassist Bryan Beller, guitarist Guthrie Govan and drummer Marco Minnemann – are releasing their second full-length studio album, Culture Clash on July 16th.

The trio began with a performance at the 2011 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA, garnering rave reviews. As a result of the response – and their chemistry – they decided to record their debut album in 2011, and followed that with a tour over the next 18 months. In 2012, they released a live album.

Culture Clash now finds the band with more chemistry than ever.

“All the time we spent together as a band touring, and gigging together and interacting, has made us a stronger unit,” shares Govan. “I think it’s made us bolder in terms of the kind of material we’ve dared to write for this album. I think there’s some wackier, more eccentric stuff that we maybe wouldn’t have submitted for the first album when we didn’t know each other as well, we didn’t know what kind of craziness we would get away with. So I guess we’re enjoying some of the benefits of having been a real band for longer.”

“We’re all definitely proud of the [first] studio album,” Beller adds, “but we were just getting to know each other when we cut it. Now that we’ve traveled the world together, we really get each other musically and personally. Honestly, we spend a lot of time making each other laugh to the point of tears. I think that really comes through live, the sense that we’re friends walking a high wire together musically, but also that, sometimes, we just choose to be extremely silly. Somehow it all works.”

Here’s an exclusive preview of the new album’s title track – and it is killer:

The album will be available on July 16th in standard (CD) and deluxe (CD+DVD) packages and limited edition vinyl (1000 only, release date TBA). For more on the album, check out The Aristocrats’ website. Check out other preview tunes from Culture Clash on the band’s music page.