Rush: “La Villa Strangiato”, Live (1978)

In celebration of Geddy Lee’s birthday today, we thought we’d go back to some early years Rush, and ultimately picked this 1978 performance of “La Villa Strangiato”.

Oh, that tone!

As a teenager, I wore the grooves down on more than one Rush LP because of this tune. How about you?

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  1. Fortunately I had Exit…Stage Left on CD, so the only thing being worn down was the FF/RW button on that song hahaha!

  2. That was wicked!

  3. in 1980 I bought a 75 4001 ricky because of this song.

  4. man do I love this track…I played in a Rush cover band in highschool a million years ago and this was a staple. Finally got to play it for a crowd a few years ago and man was it fun to rock out on this song.

  5. A freakin’ Canadian treasure…..we love our RUSH.

  6. I met Getty! time and he was the most down to earth person. Great bass and keyboard player.

  7. Please, can we get the isolated bass track for this amazing piece of progressive rock? Or anything from Geddy and Rush. What a treat that would be.

  8. GODS! In all that exist! GEDDY!

  9. Yes…thanks for posting..what can you say..pure classic work. Hartford 1984..amazing show!

  10. THE Gods of Prog.