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Song Exclusive: Vulfpeck’s “The Birdwatcher” from Upcoming Album

Vulfpeck: My First CarVulpeck is releasing My First Car next week, and we have an exclusive first track from the upcoming album.

My First Car is the third album by the group of studio musicians-turned-band. The band of course is anchored by bassist Joe Dart, who served as inspiration for the album’s name.

Band leader Jack Stratton shared the story with us:

“Dart showed up with a Volvo 240GL and we were like, ‘woah dude!’ And he was like, ‘Yeah, saw a picture of it on Craigslist and took a train to Minnesota.’ I talk about getting a SAAB or Volvo because Sweden is so funky, but Dart pulled the trigger — respect.”

The new album features six tracks – tunes Stratton says were inpsired by the likes of “Jerome Bettis and Mike Alstott — [NFL] power backs in the late nineties. They’re just fun to watch. You don’t even have to like the team, but you’ll watch the game. That’s what we were trying to do.”

Dart played several different basses on the record.

“The highlight was a Fender P-Bass Jr. with Labellas,” Stratton shared. “I traded a friend for it whose little brother was learning bass on it. I was able to keep my cool during the trade, but when I got outside I sprinted around the block. It’s really interesting and confusing to hear Dart on it. It’s a classic Rainy-ish tone, but Dart can fly on it because it’s short scale.”

My First Car is releasing on Tuesday, August 6th. It is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.

Here’s “The Birdwatcher”: