Joe Dart Drives the Groove on “The Fearless Flyers IV”

The Fearless Flyers IVGet ready to take flight: The Fearless Flyers are at it again! The Vulfpeck offshoot band has just released an EP called The Fearless Flyers IV, featuring six songs captured at the Blue Note in New York City.

The group consists of Cory Wong, Mark Lettieri, Nate Smith, and bassist Joe Dart, who lays down his signature deep grooves. The chemistry between Smith and Dart makes them one of the best rhythm sections working today.

Luckily for everyone who couldn’t be there, the Fearless Flyers took video of the performance that created the album. Get ready to bob your head.

The Fearless Flyers IV is streaming now on iTunes and Amazon MP3. A vinyl version is open to pre-order through Diggers Factory.

The Fearless Flyers IV Track List:

  1. Blue Angels
  2. Red Arrows
  3. Patrouille De France
  4. Frecce Tricolori
  5. Snowbirds
  6. Thunderbirds

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  1. Eric Kroth

    I love the song titles. I’ve only seen two of them in person.