Eric Czar: Caffeine

When we interviewed Eric Czar last year, he told us that as a 7-string bassist, he’s “survived [his] share of ‘string bashing’”.

But Czar is a versatile bassist and composer, adept at pretty much any bass we can imagine.

Here he is performing his own tune, “Caffeine” on a 4-string modified Matsomoku Jazz bass copy.

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  1. I’ve subscribed to his channel some time ago. This guy is awesome!

  2. bam! just when I thought I’ve heard/seen it all, something like this pops up. this guy is smokin’! smooth and funky. very technical but just enough to keep it in the pocket. love this! need to go find some other vids of this dude.

  3. zowie…that was awesome!

  4. One of best on the planet

  5. OK….it’s official…dude is COLD!

  6. Thank you guys ( and of course “no treble” ) for watching!

  7. The bass is buried in the mix.
    What a shame, this guy is really good.

  8. This guy has Les Claypool written all over him. Sounds like a Sausage tune. badass