Adam Stevens: “Let’s Get It On” All-Bass Cover

Marvin Gaye’s tune “Let’s Get It On” featured one the great Motown bass lines, played by Wilton Felder.

Bassist Adam Stevens took the tune, his bass and a looper, and made it his own.

Once again, Adam turns in an amazing all-bass performance.

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  1. I’m pretty sure is not Jamerson.

  2. nice…bass was by Jamerson and Wilton Felder according to Wikipedia…

  3. couldn’t be done better than on a fender jazz. classic sound.

  4. its Wilton Felder for a fact and Paul Humphrey on drums… same duo plays on many awesome tracks including the immortal Root Down –

  5. Everything about this video is beautiful! Absolutely great stuff mr Adam!

  6. Glasses + the shirt… NO. But nice sound. A pleasure for my ears.

  7. Might have sounded better on a fretless, lots of fret buzz, but still very good.