Jaco Pastorius: “Chromatic Fantasy”, Live (1986)

When Kevin sent me this video, I was stunned… such a rare gem and an excellent closeup of Jaco Pastorius performing solo in 1986. This was during one of his gigs with drummer Brian Melvin.

I don’t recall many videos of Jaco performing “Chromatic Fantasy”, but this one has to be among the best of the best. (Here’s another, from his tour of Italy with Bireli Lagrene).

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  1. Just when I think I’ve heard everything from this guy…Something new comes out and It’s like the first time all over again! GENIUS

  2. Jaco’s four strig solos have more heart and musical expression than most five to twenty string players. It was an honor to meet him in Virginia Beach back in 76.

  3. This is awesome! Few days ago I started to re-learn this piece as I’ve played it few years ago and now I see this.. wow!

  4. With frets on the bass of doom! And yet this unmistakenly Jaco sound and feel… It’s all in the fingers apparently….?

  5. A Joann S. Bach Tune—–> Chromatic Fantasy.

  6. he sux…lot of overplaying.( b-4 u go nuts just a joke) LOL.

  7. Hey who are you? “I’m the guy that was talking durning a Jaco solo.” Guess not everyone was sitting there with their mouths hanging open. I think I would’ve gone home and used my bass for firewood that night.

    • Levi

      Yup, even the greatest musicians of all time are merely background noise to some people. Kind of makes you feel not so bad when you play those gigs that everyone is more interested in the TV than the live band that’s right in front of them, huh?