Jan Urbanec: Acoustic Bass Funk

Warning: you’re about to experience some serious funkiness. The only problem, it doesn’t last long enough.

Jan Urbanec is laying it down on his acoustic bass. He says he’s “…just messing around with one of my favorite grooves.”

Oh yeah.

And about that bass… I think it is a custom made archtop fretless acoustic, created by Procházka luthiers.

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  1. man, come on, jan. just 3 more minutes. too good of a groove to just be about a minute long. how about a full album. great stuff!

  2. Ha! Suddenly receiving some youtube subscriptions… I knew something was going on :)) thanks a lot for featuring me, guys. With the lenght and all: I am just a bassplayer. I feel the best accompanying others, so I feel that minute and half of soloing bass is enough for me :D maybe I could do a medley :)) thanks again!

  3. Nice groove man.

  4. Thanks everyone! I am really glad you like it!

  5. Top shelf stuff as always Jan…

  6. Love the muted triplets.

  7. Awesome working tool, man! Looking for your Youtube channel right now!