AC Guitars Introduces The Krell Bass

AC Guitars has introduced a new bass model named The Krell, inspired by the 1956 science fiction film Forbidden Planet. The bass takes its name from an extinct race of advanced beings from the movie that built a machine that could “turn thoughts into reality and project that reality anywhere on the planet.”

AC Guitars The Krell Bass

“I was looking to make a more aggressive shape but still maintain player comfort,” says luthier Alan Cringean. “The edge of the bass is bevelled rather than rounded over; this helps maintain the more aggressive styling. The lower horn makes playing seated very comfortable and the extended upper horn means the bass balances perfectly on the strap.”

Since each AC Guitars instrument is built by hand, there are plenty of options for customization and wood choices. Standard features include the ACG EQ03 Dual Filter preamp and custom wound B Series or MC (multi-coil) Series pickups. The prototype is a fretless and features a wenge top on a swamp ash body; a 5-piece, carbon-reinforced wenge/maple neck; and a Macassar Ebony fingerboard lined with pearwood. Its bridge is by Hipshot and the tuning machines are Gotoh GB7 tuners.

AC Guitars The Krell Bass back

The AC Guitars Krell is available for order now with varying prices depending on customization. For more info, check out the AC Guitars website.

AC Guitars Krell Bass Specs:

  • Scale: 33?
  • Top Wood: Wenge
  • Body Wood: Swamp Ash
  • Body Finish: MLF
  • Neck Wood: Wenge/Maple
  • Fingerboard: Mac Ebony with Pearwood fret lines
  • Neck Finish: Satin Lacquer
  • Pickups Two Overwound SB single coils
  • Hardware: ACG/Hipshot bridge,Gotoh GB 350 tuners, Strung with TI Flats. Transformer Balanced output via XLR as well as standard jack output
  • Pre-amp: ACG EQ03 5K

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  1. Why a 33 inch scale (especially for an extended range instrument with a B string)?

  2. Hi
    I have built quiet a few 33″ scale basses for customers with no reported problems regarding the B string. They are becoming more popular if the orders are anything to go by. This being a demo bass which will stay at the workshop I thought having a 33″ for people to try would be a good idea. Having played a number of these basses I like the shorter scale so that was also part of the reason for the scale length. I also have two stock basses about to be finished both 33″ scale both 5 strings but I might string one of them E to C.

  3. Arg, i would love to get an ACG bass. Maybe I’ll be able to get a Graft range bass in the near future. I love this new shape!

  4. Another beauty!
    I completely agree with you about the 33″ scale too.
    I’ve had several 33″ scale extended range basses over the years, and I’m unlikely to play anything else now.
    I’ve never ever found the low B to be anything but fantastic on bolt-on and set neck basses.
    Pick the right luthier (AC Guitars would be my wholehearted recommendation) and the low B on your 33″ bass will wipe the floor with many 34″ and 35″ scale basses.

  5. Krell is also the brand name of some awesome high-end audio amps that I’ve known about since the 70’s…before I started playing bass guitar (

    Ohhh, this beauty is 33″! Same as the ‘B’-tuned Musicmaster (in my icon) that I’ve had since ’79.