Reader Spotlight: William Hill

William HillMeet William Hill, a veteran player of nearly 30 years now who has filled the role of bassist gladly for all that time. One of our favorite lines from his interview: “Groove and melody are the whole deal for me.

William is No Treble’s reader in the spotlight for the week of August 26, 2013.


I’ve been a gigging bassist since ’86, covering most any style at one time or another. I have been in pop, classic rock, country and metal bands through the years, and I’m currently working with a group that really lets me delve into my love for the funk and groove of the ’70s stuff. Groove and melody are the whole deal for me.

I’ve played with many popular bands in the northern NY region, gigging most every weekend for many years. While my main motivation is to play live and have fun, I strive to be the most professional I can be.


Edwards NY USA

Day gig:

School bus driver, father and husband.

Years experience:

Since 1984, and I started gigging two years later.

Bands & Gigs:

I’m currently in a very popular classic rock/funk/blues band call The Bad Husbands Club. We’re based out of the upstate NY region and play 8 to 10 (or more) gigs monthly. We cover everything from Allman Brothers to Stevie Wonder, Alan Parsons to Steely Dan, and we also cover a wide range of other styles.

I am also a MTD Bass Emerging Artist, and I play MTD basses exclusivley.


  • MTD Saratoga 4
  • MTD Artist 4
  • BBE BMAX Preamp
  • Peavey IPR 1600
  • (2) SWR Son of Bertha’s
  • SWR Goliath Junior
  • SWR Workingman 4×10
  • Fender Pro Bass 400

Why I play the bass:

I saw a friend’s band as a teenager and knew making music was something I needed to do. I loved the way the bass kept the whole groove together, so I started learning bass lines on a $40 electric guitar and did that until I got a brand new Yamaha BB300 bass for graduation. I played until… well I havn’t stopped yet!

My bass superpower/claim to fame

Probably my “superpower” would be having played for so long, every gig/band has left me with something useful. I’ve played it all from country and ’50s and ’60s, all the way to modern metal, and I weave that all together .

I have done a lot of “bass for hire” work as well. I listen pretty fast and try to capture the groove and feel to fall in with the band as quickly as possible, without the luxury of a rehearsal most times.

My current band afforded me one week to learn their set list and there was no rehearsal. I just had to learn the material and be at the gig on time.

My influences

Way to many to list all of them, but some major ones are in no particular order: Duck Dunn, Steve Harris, Nathan East, Nathan Watts, Bazil Donovan (Blue Rodeo), Bootsy Collins, Joe “Lucky” Scott (Curtis Mayfield), Tommy Shannon, Tim Commeford (Rage Against the Machine), Roger Glover, Les Claypool, Tom Peterson (Cheap Trick) and even Gene Simmons!

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