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Murray Grodner Releases “A Double Bassist’s Guide to Refining Performance Practices”

A Double Bassist's Guide to Refining Performance PracticesVeteran double bassist Murray Grodner has just released his latest educational book, A Double Bassist’s Guide to Refining Performance Practices. Written as a guide for any bassist seeking a professional career, the book goes over many fine details of being a successful performer.

The 168-page book is broken into five parts focusing on different aspects of playing. Part I addresses critical analysis of physical performance techniques from practicing habits to shifting to vibrato. Part II dives deeper into perfecting techniques by using scales, exercises and orchestral excerpts. Part III is full of essays concerning a variety of subjects, while Part IV covers phrasing and bowing for solo bass repertoire. The final section speaks on exercises to prevent physical injury from playing.

Grodner’s book is available now in paperback and ebook editions.

A Double Bassist’s Guide to Refining Performance Practices Sections:

  1. Critical Analysis of Physical Performance Techniques
  2. Perfecting Techniques through Employing Scales, Exercises, and Orchestral Excerpts
  3. Informative Essays for Double Bassists
  4. Analytical Phrasing and Bowing for Solo Works
  5. Preventative Exercises for Physical Abuses Related to Playing Double Bass

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